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May 01, 2005


tom polston


When do you sleep/ I really enjoy your writing, a vivid picture is painted in my mind. Deux Magots, what does this translate to? I believe Julie likes the Bichon Frise, a perfect French lap dog. Thanks for sharing your daily journal. Now I can lite up a Cigar.


Huh. That's funny. Everyone always asks me when I sleep. Sometimes even IF I sleep...but I actually do. Jules woke me up out of deep sleep two nights ago cuz I was snoring. "Deux Magots" is named after the two wooden statues of Chinese mandarins in the cafe. I dunno if Jules likes the Bichon Frise much any more considering it's the same dog the man behind us at Cafe Flore kissed repeatedly. She made an unbelievably rude comment. So un-Jules like I didn't feel comfortable writing about it even though it made me laugh hard. Light up a cigar, but not in my presence please. I am still wishing ill of Cigar Man. :-)

Aileen Bordman

I just came back from a lovely trip to Paris and I always stay in the 6th..this trip there was this little dog who was owned by the man who ran the magazine/newspaper
stand outside of Cafe de Flore...anyone who goes you have to check this little gut out..such a sweet chein :)

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