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May 02, 2005



hi! i just found your blog b/c i was googling how to buy teas from mariage freres. i went to their shop in the marais and in the 6eme yesterday and i agree, i like the one in the 6eme much much better. the one in the marais was absolute chaos. i was wondering, though, about how to buy them from the counters - do you specify the amount that you want and they bag it for you? it seemed like everyone knew exactly what they wanted to buy and i couldn't make up my mind - but they don't put any samples out for you to smell either and i didn't want to "hold up the line" with insisting that the salespeople wait on me for so long...any suggestions?


ah! nevermind! i think i found my answer!
i didn't know that the other shop across the MF in the marais was a sampling seemed like a whole other tea store to me. i remember remarking, "why would anyone thinking of setting up another tea store in front of THIS one?!"

Jen~blooming tea

Hello there, I had fun reading your post, I'm a tea lover myself, it's always nice to know people with the same interests :)

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