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September 25, 2005



Under the circumstances I would say you succeeded! It sounds tasty!


Hi Jeanne, thanks! I really wanted to do justice to the whole theme, but good food and good company are still what counts, aren't they? :-)


everything sounds wonderful! you know, your error was so tiny, and since no one was an actual vegan, no harm was done. really great entries- Im especially intrigued by your dessert! What recipe did you use? Because I know some caramels involve heavy cream.


The point is - this meal would have been just as fantastic which ever noodles you would have used and personally I prefer the non-egg noodles so that's what I am thinking of when I read your recipe description. I second Tanvi's sentiments - I would love to know much more about your intriguing sounding dessert!
Thanks for taking part!


Hi Tanvi & Sam,

You're right of course; at the end of the day what matters are good food and good friends! This was a lot of fun --

Okay, dessert: the caramel was more of a ginger syrup -- brown sugar + water + fresh ginger, infused, and spooned over the fresh tofu. The tofu is simply soymilk + a coagulant. I poured them into glass custard cups, let them set and voilà, fresh tofu! Maybe I should make more and put it up as a separate recipe or add it on to this post... :-)


Tag, your it! Im tagging you for the meme thats going around- hope you can play along!


I love how you plated this meal. I'm not vegan but I would love to eat from that picture!


The photo looks gorgeous and I laughed out loud at your saga.


Joe - thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!

Ruth - if Jason doesn't come for dinner again, I'm gonna know why...also, thanks for joining the meme!

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