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September 05, 2005



Those look very tempting! I always imagined it to be very daunting, but perhaps Ill indulge my craving and try making these. Thanks for sharing the recipe :-)


I am going to try this. You make fancy recipes for sweets look accessible. After reading your entry about puff pastry, I know that I can make that too.

By the way, we tried the tea jam, which is wonderful. It reminds me of whole figs preserved in syrup. I wonder if some of the same spices are used. I still have some left to use for cookies.

I love how you give the history behind recipes. In the past six months I have found out in various places many interesting things about Catherine de Medici. Now, I must find a definitive biography and just got Balzac's Catherine de Medici. He tended to make things up, from what I understand. So, I think it's categorized as an historical novel. Anyway, maybe it will bring more interesting information about her. How can you not be fascinated with a woman responsible for the inventions of the high heeled shoe, the first perfume, the artichoke being introduced to France from Egypt, and puff pastry? I am completely in awe despite her notorious reputation of which I know no details.


Tanvi, this was actually much easier than I thought! Indulge your craving!

Renee, I'm so glad you liked the tea jam. When I get a shipment of the Marco Polo tea, I'll send you some -- you'll love the tea. Catherine de'Medici is quite the character -- she was the niece of Pope Clement VII; the mother-in-law of Mary Stuart (Mary, Queen of Scots); and the mother three French kings; a really storied lineage. I suppose there had to be some cosmic balance with Catherine introducing all these glorious things to go with her allegedly maligned reputation as one of history's great villainesses. Somewhere I have a book about the de'Medici clan; I'll find it and get the details to you. :-)


These look delicious! And just as an aside, turns out Gesine Prado is the sister of Sandra Bullock! She helped at the opening of Gesine's bakery...


Hi Luisa, small world, isn't it? I didn't find this out until after the fact. And her macaroons really are awesome. Thanks for dropping by! :-)


I'd love to know a recipe for the Maple Macaroons YUM!


@piggykins: so would I!!! They're amazing macaroons! But those are her special secret recipe macaroons. She's got a new book coming out that features a different macaroon recipe.

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