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September 16, 2005



What a great flavor pairing!


what a perfect looking parfait! looks and sounds utterly delectable...know exactly what you mean about taking pictures of ice cream ;)

Beth - The Zen Foodist

What an interesting and unique combo of flavors. Just found your site tonight through Food Porn Watch. I'll be back!


Followed your site from J's (Kuidaore). What a beautiful dessert and great post. I love the way you tell the story.


Nic - the first time I heard the flavor combo, I thought, "Maybe not." Then I tasted it -- it really is great. Also --your flan really made me miss my grandmother!

J - To the Hollywood adage that you should never work with children and animals, add ice cream. I had no idea taking pictures of ice cream could be so time consuming, messy and anxiety inducing! Your desserts looked amazing...

Beth - thank so much for dropping by! BTW, if you are ever in Atlanta, may I recommend MF Sushibar since you appear to be similarly afflicted with sushiphilia? :-)

Ruth - aw shucks... :-) Thank you so much.


Hi Cath - your Bombe conversation sounds like our normal ones (my husband keeps making fun of me because I can't pronouce some English words correctly). Your parfait looks/sounds sooo delicious, it must be a great combo!


Hi Keiko - it's such a great combination -- you've got to try it! This conversation was actually with a colleague, but some of the ones between me and Hubby have been real winners. :-) Although I think this one between my sister and her husband is one of my favorites:

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