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October 21, 2005



Hi Cath!

No, you're not late...As long as I have everything sent in be early Saturday, things are good.

Mmm...I'm not generally a pear person (I was the one who'd eat everything but the pears in school fruit cocktail)...too woody for me...but I like the vannila-port poaching idea! And putting them on tiny pizzas? Brilliant.

Everything looks good!

Thanks for coming to the party...


Hey Stephanie!

Okay, I am so NOT a pear person either, but I really love these little pizzetas -- the flavor combo does well together. They're much better fresh and hot than day old and cold [I think cold tomato sauce and mozzarella have the lock on tasting good the day after]. They're a favorite appetizer and (quick and) easy to make. Thanks for hosting another great party -- can't wait for the roundup!


hi cath, what a fabulous spread! in particular, those one-bite pumpkin cheesecakes look and sound really good...


Hi Jocelyn, thanks so much! Those mini-cheesecakes always fly out the door...I always feel like Big Game Night parties are simply excuses to indulge nonstop. :-)


Yum! Those pizzettas sound absolutely amazing! And I'll definitely save the recipe for vanilla oil, so creative! Does it keep well, once infused? It'd be a very cute holiday gift, methinks.


Hi Anne -- the oil needs to be stored in an airtight container and kept pretty much the same way as other flavored oils (cool, dry place). The vanilla oil is wonderful coming out of the oven. Let me know if you have any questions! And I think it'd make a great holiday gift! :-)

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