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October 01, 2005



I guess it's a sign of insanity on my part, too, that this still sounds like fun to me. Hard work, to be sure, but appealing nevertheless. I'm sure everything will be wonderful in the end. The menu sounds very promising.


Hi Nic! I think part of the allure is the fine line between fun and nightmare that's bound to be crossed that day. I'm sure it'll go fine...but you never know. :-) Ah well, at the very least, it'll make a good story. Our first tasting is in two weeks so we'll see how the menu holds up. This red velvet cake torture needs to end soon though; I have never met a more recalcitrant cake.


We must share the same brand of madness, I'm afraid.

When someone needs food, I can't keep my hand down (pick me, pick me!), even though I *know* I'll need at least two days of bedrest afterwards...

Much luck to you...



Thanks -- I will definitely need that luck. :-) I suspect all of us are gripped by the same culinary lunacy...and thank God for that.


Wow! That sounds Awesome! It's an odd sickness we have, isn't it? The menu sounds great, when should I come??


I loved the post. Thanks for the laugh.

The menu sounds wonderful and as Billy Joel sang "you may be crazy but just the lunatic they're looking for". Have a great time with it and share the gory details.


Becky, come between 4:48 and 9:15 in the evening. You'll get front seat to see a meltdown. Bring popcorn. Renee pointed out to me tonight that so many of us foodies relish this sort of thing -- so why the heck don't any of you live closer?! :-)

Ruth, gory details with be a-forthcoming, I promise. K. has moved the venue already, with six weeks to go. Now I have to re-plan my cooking stations to accommodoate a completely unfamiliar layout. i can't wait to see what the next 36 days will produce. Is it bad that I am enjoying myself?

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