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October 15, 2005



This is so brilliant--and one of the best birthday gifts I've ever heard of! I love the idea of basing your menu loosely on a book instead of slavishly mining it for actual dishes. My boyfriend and I talked about Pale Fire at length on our first date. It's one of my favorites, and by coincidence, he had just started reading it for the first time. That's how I knew we'd work out!


Robin, thank you! It's a great book and one of our favorites. We had a lot of fun with the dinner... Isn't it wonderful to have books AND food in common? :-)


Hi Cath - I'm glad you had a wonderful time, the meal sounds spectacular! Thank you for sharing the beautiful story.


How lovely. What a grand gesture.


Keiko, welcome back! I'll try to get some of the recipes up soon!

Jaspreet, thanks as always for the sweet comments!

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