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October 22, 2005


Ms Sam Breach

I always get very afraid when people say that.
(Once more into the Breach).

I am stuck and work all hours and all weekend and havent been able to enter :(


This is the best idea I've seen all day! You've given me something to dream about and ponder until I build up the culinary courage to try it myself.


Sam, you crack me up. Okay -- do you need me to come with a rescue team and break you out of there?! Get you some time off?!

Jennifer, I operate with sheer and complete disregard for personal safety when it comes to my cooking -- go ahead and do what you're dreaming! God knows nothing can be worse than my first chocolate pasta attempt. Thanks for dropping by with such a nice compliment!


Before my life got crazy, I intended to make chocolate ravioli for SHF! Glad to see that they look so great- good reason for me to make them at some point.


Who needs pictures when you start off with your very excellent story about Barry Callebaut? :-)

I am glad this version of your ravioli turned out. What an assortment of great recipes!

Cath Hong-Praslick

Hi Tanvi! Glad to know someone else was going to attempt this -- I'd love to see your recipe!

Chronicler, thanks for the nice comment! Oh yes, Barry Callebaut -- sigh. Hindsight and all? I found another chocolate ravioli recipe that bears attempting. But maybe later... :-)

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