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November 24, 2005



I am SO glad that it turned out well! Phew, I was thinking about you. Yippeee!


Great job!

And take heart: my Mom's been using Duncan Hines for her cakes for years. Her customers swear she makes the tastiest cakes they've ever tasted...


hi cathy, you are one incredibly talented and fearless cook!


Jaspreet - thanks so much! I think a lot of people were sending good vibes my way.

Stephanie-- shockingly, that cake really was quite good if overly buttery in flavor.

J -- You are too kind; I should probably be more FEARFUL of my own insanity!


No picture?!?!?!?!!?!? You're killing me, here. Anyway, SOO glad the cake turned out great, as did the wedding. This was such good reading, thank you!!!


Luisa, I know! I know! I'm still waiting for the pictures myself! I still can't believe my memory card chose that day to go kaput. Although honestly, by the time I got around to actually mourning having no camera, I was already giddy that a cake even existed...


Great story, and one I'm sure that will be remembered for years to come. So this means no job as a caterer in your future?


Hey s'kat! maybe. Baking a wedding cake again...NO NO NO NO NO! :-) It was entirely too traumatic. I just don't have the stomach for it. Consider, if you will, my involuntary Tourette-inspired A CHURCH because of the cake. Food, easy. Wedding cakes, impossible.


when you say one bottle of food coloring how many ounces are you talking about?

Sara Payne i stumbled across this posting googling red velvet wedding cakes. i'm making one (voluntarily) for one of my best friend's wedding...i'm glad i found this. it least now i know what i'm up against ;-)


I randomly found this blog too, and this is the BEST cake ever in the history of the world!! Seriously. THANK YOU!

Janai Ott

You always need to build a wedding cake with a sound structure...each layer on a sturdy round of cardboard or foamcore, and evenly cut dowels placed between each board and through the cake layer. Imagine the dowels and boards standing all by themselves like a building frame with no cake. Then your tiers won't smash the one underneath!

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