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November 27, 2005



All of these cookies are gorgeous! I love the maple lace ones especially. How many does the recipe yield? I'm inspired to whip up a batch tomorrow :-)


Oh how beautiful! Where did you find the cookie cutters for the snowflakes? They're almost pretty enough to hang on a tree!


Tanvi, the batter made about 15 cookies. I dropped them in 1 teaspoon circles, so they were bigger.

Georgia, I found the 5" snowflake at A.C. Moore -- I think I'm going to be making plenty of snowflake cookie ornaments! :-)




Hi Rorie -- thanks!


Oh so nice! It's a great publication this time around! Great choices for the swap.


Cath, I just made these cookies and they're delicious! Mine didnt turn out as nicely as yours but the taste made up for the appearance. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Your cookies are stunning. I particularly love the snowflakes. And yes, isn't Martha Stewart's cookie magazine awesome?!

Thanks for sharing your treasures.


And you say you don't like cookies!!?? Those all look great... I was looking at those maple lace cookies too from MS... they look so good I think I am definitely going to add those to the list for present time! :)


Absolutely gorgeous! A treat for the eyes, what an artist you are!


Hi Cath - these are the prettiest cookies I've ever seen, I especially love the snowflakes ones. Have you decorated your tree with these adorable cookies? :)

Glad you've got a new oven - I still remember how happy I was when we got one after hard work DIYing the whole kitchen.

VK Narayanan

What a wonderful cookie! I know lots of hard work involved. Thank you for this great cookies my friend. Have you liked My Dhaba's Rock Cookies?


THANK YOU! I was hoping someone would do a maple cookie...I'm hoping to do some for Xmas and need recipes...Your cookies are beautiful!


You're cookies are beautiful! You've inspired me to pull out my snowflake cookie cutters.


Ack! I am SO late responding to everyone's very kind comments!

Chronicler - this was a terrific cookie swap -- I've been slowly trolling through the roundups to find more cookies for holiday presents this year...

Tanvi, I'm SO glad you enjoyed the cookies! They're a little delicate so they'll break easily, but I think the taste makes up for the broken cookies... :-)

Ruth, I loved the drama of snowflake cookie from the magazine -- definitely a keeper!

Hi Chloe! Well, maybe I'll have to revise my opinion of cookies -- the lace cookies are incredibly yummy...

Nupur, THANK YOU, but I can't take the credit for the cookie design -- definitely an MS specialty!

Hi Keiko! Oh the oven is so sweet...almost as sweet as the cookies. And you are a far braver woman than I -- DIY? No no, we go the outsource route! :-)

VK, thanks for coming by! I haven't had a chance to see your cookies yet but will definitely drop by!

Lisa, thank you for the nice words -- and as I've mentioned a few times, I'm a little obsessed with the maple syrup I was given and I keep finding reasons to use it.

Somer, pull those cutters out! And send me a photo of your snowflakes!


wow so lovely!


if you wouldn't mind, i would love a copy of your gingerbread snowflake recipe.

thank you so much!


they are so pretty! congratulations


hi Cath...congrats on becoming the winner!
i bought the magazine not long ago but haven't tried anything yet. those are my faves too!


Hi. Love your handiwork with the cookies. Can I have the recipes please?


Babe_KL: Thank you thank you!

Natalie, you should have the recipe under a separate email shortly!

Sam, thank you so much! I think I lucked out and found the three prettiest cookies in the magazine to make.

Eliza, you are so sweet! Thank you very much; definitely bake --the magazine is TERRIFIC. (send me a picture of your creations!)

Callie, sent you the recipes, please enjoy; and thanks so much for the nice compliment.


They sure are very pretty cookies! I was going to try the maple lace cookies, and i noticed it says 2 T flour... is this a typo? Anyway, if you could email me the recipes for the maple and the flower cookies, i'd really appreciate it... thanks!


Very nice!!!


I love brownies the most!

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