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November 18, 2005



Quick! Someone find an old cake lady in Columbus, GA! No one would know the difference.....Good luck, Cath. I'll be thinking of you today.


7 whole recipes in pursuit of the perfect that's what i call dedication ;)


oh my... how did it turn out? were any of the 7 other recipes passable if not the perfect one you were looking for?

good luck!


Oh, no!

I wish I'd read this earlier...I could have consulted my Mom. You know, the woman who's been baking cakes for a living for the past...twenty years? And currently studying to be a pastry chef?

Darn it all...well, I hope it all worked out for you.


This is the nail-biting-est foodblog cliffhanger I've ever read. Come back soon and please tell us what you did! Poor you! Poor cake! No, wait: damn cake! Poor you! Hang in there.


Renee, I seriously wish I'd called you and asked you to drive down to help me!!!!!!!

J, not sure if it's dedication or stupidity. Since I cooked for a wedding reception of 50 people, I strongly suspect the latter.

Lauren, the other recipes were okay but Vivian's red velvet recipe really is amazing...thanks for encouragement!

Oh Stephanie, I wish I'd known! Then again, I'll always have the memory of sprawling on the kitchen floor (sober).

Luisa, I can laugh about it now. But lemme tell you: there's nothing like thinking you're about to disappoint a bride!

Thank you all for the encouragement -- it really did keep me going. :-)

The Food Whore

Bless your heart.

I don't bake.

I've got my gut full with chocolate chip cookies.

Red velvet cake means food color. Food color means spillage. Spillage means - well - a CSI looking crime scene.


Oh. I guess I forgot to mention the blazing red fingertips and palms?

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