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December 12, 2005



Golly, both of these sweet butters sound heavenly! I am seriously intrigued by the honey-pecan flavor - is it as good as it sounds?!!


I've just recently discovered pumpkin butter (I know...embarrassing) and I'm in love with Trader Joe's version, but homemade would probably be even better! And I loooove pecans, so the other one sounds great too...


Rorie, the honey-pecan is good, with that honey tartness to it. I think my objection stems from wanting the darker, sweeter taste of maple syrup right now. Enjoy!

Lisa - oh man can I tell you how much I wish I were near enough to Trader Joe's to get their truffle oil? Their chocolates? ANYTHING from Trader Joe's? I have to admit, I'm really enamored of the pumpkin butter -- I know there are other recipes for "pumpkin butter" which is a pumpkin spread, but I'm much more partial to this pumpkin compound butter. My friend Cassandra and I were slathering it on our scones tonight! :-)


Where did you get the darling pumpkin shaped jar? I must get some for my Fall dinner party.



They were purchased at A.C. Moore several winters ago -- I don't know if they still have them there. Good luck!

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