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January 23, 2006



if you don't mind me asking, who was the chef that catered the party? being an atlanta-ite, i'm nosy :)


I just wanted to say HI! I'm a food-blog-aholic, and a fellow foodie. I came across your blog today and realized that you live in my town! I too live in Columbus. It's always great to meet other food-lovers in Columbus. My twin sister and I are future personal chefs and are always encouraged when we meet neighbors that enjoy great food. So...just wanted to say HI!

Janice  Barton

Just discovered your blog today...from 101Cooksbooks. Can't wait to come back and discover more. It's a rainy day here (Roswell) so the perfect weather for blogging.
You couldn't possibly be boring...foodies are always fun, entertaining, intelligent, beautiful, dynamic, etc etc!


Hi Cathy,
Your post brought back memories from my very first baby shower - which took place in Atlanta (Buckhead area)! We had so much fun, but the food wasn't as good as the buffet you described ;)


Aaack! I am SO behind in responding to everyone's kind messages!

Tami -- thanks for the email correspondence, let me know when you drop by Sotto Sotto again!

April -- please feel free to email me -- maybe we can exhange tips on where to eat in town! It's always wonderful to meet another foodie! Just so you know, Columbus Cooks on Whittlesey has terrific cooking classes -- especially if you and your twin sister are planning to be future chefs -- maybe you can teach there too?

Janice, you are so sweet; thank you for your kind message. It's storming outside today so I think it's definitely blogging time...goodness knows I've been storing up enough stories!

Nicky -- I think this was seriously the buffet to end all buffets! But baby showers are always so wonderful...thanks for coming by!

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