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March 25, 2006


Teddy ska

Wowwwww !! it look yummy! I will try it once if I have time! eiei

Thanx for that recipe !


-Very nice indeed. -------------


waffles for dinner - yum!


Teddy ska, thanks for dropping by! Enjoy the recipe!

Jaspreet -- as always, wonderful to hear from you!

Ariadne -- yeah, and a couple of weeks ago we ate pancakes at midnight... ;-)


Hi Cath, Your make-it-in-30-minutes menu looks scrumptious and seems like a great weekday alternative! Since we usually don't have the time to make any elaborate dishes during a working week, 30-minute-menu's are perfect!
Thanks for sharing!


Hi Oliver! It's a favorite meal -- happy to share! Enjoy...

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