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March 21, 2006



See? We *are* alike! I so rarely think a recipe is difficult, even if it calls for twenty-five steps, and requires three days to make it.

I mean, I got the dish made, didn't I???

So, did you watch the mini-series, and then the full first season? We did the same, but because we have a child who (darn it all) requires our attention, had to break it up into a few weekends.


Stephanie: oh yeah, we gotta meet. Maybe we should meet at a restaurant so we don'' feel compelled to start cooking in your kitchen...

We watched the mini-series, Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 in 2 days. Then we downloaded episodes we hadn't seen on our Macs and watched on our Macs. Actually, we watched on one Mac while the other was downloading a new episode, then we'd switch off. Occasionally Hubby has the same OCD tendencies. I wonder if you can get OCD by proxy?

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