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April 11, 2006



Holy crap! That sounds so intense. I think that I would have burst into tears. I am impressed with how you handled yourself though.


No photos? :(


Oh no, you would have been fine Jaspreet, really. I was lucky because I had Amanda and Kellie to share my pain. Also, Kellie was a really calming influence. I think it's her deadpan delivery and sarcasm.

Clare -- oh God I really wanted photos -- but I never had a chance to whip the camera out! However, I've got a few of the desserts leftover so I'll see what I can do about getting that up on my flickr account soon! I think a friend took pictures of the party under the tent in full swing so I'll try to get those up some time...

Lizelle Green

Oh my, I felt such stress reading this but also excitement for the final scene. My hats off to you! Can I come to the next one? ;)


Crazy Lady Land has a new Queen!

But you shall rule alone.....

Seriously, imagine me ala Wayne and Garth re: Alice Cooper: I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!!!


Hi Lizelle! Good to hear from you -- of course you can come to the next one!

Stephanie -- with lunatic sceptre in one hand, insanity orb in the other...Come join me!


This is quite an amazing event. BTW, Kellie the crazy one is currently at my house. Can I send her back?????


Cathy, Hey I have been sharing your site with my sister and brother-in-law. Good post on multiplication. I am heading to Vegas next week, where do you recommend I eat?

Your kitchen helper,



Kellie, I thought you were on moratorium for good travel. Isn't Vegas considered a great place to go? How did this happen? I recommend Bouchon and I hear the new steak place at the Wynn Hotel is to die for. Don't forget Le Cirque's Vegas restaurant!

Steve, glad you dropped by. No, please keep Kellie at your house. That might insure that I get to go to Vegas for the conference instead of her.


Ki, we ate at the SW Steakhouse in the Wynn the last time we were in Vegas and it was solid fare, but expensive for what it was. However, the service was spectacular.


You are so nuts. And I find that so admirable I wish to give you five spun-sugar teddy bears for your personal dessert. Um, but I don't have any. Dessert. Or spun sugar. Cheers to your friendly & productive insanity!

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