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June 22, 2006



I just came across a Q&A with Anthony Bourdain and he talks up Fergus Henderson's London restuarant. I was thinking of passing it along to you but it seems as though it's already on your radar :). I'm just sorry I won't be in London to be able to join you!


If I were there, I'd join you in a heartbeat!


I think that I would be with Hubby on this account. Hopefully, you will find someone to keep you company there.


I'm afraid I'm very much on the hubby's side with this one.

Even if I still ate meat...there's just...No. Freaking. Way.

Sorry...but enjoy!


I thought I was the only one who liked beef tongue!!!! I'll join you anytime!!!!!!!!!

Sarah J

Hi there! My husband loves tongue... his mom cooks it for him every time he goes home. I've yet to try it.. the idea of eating the organ that the cow uses to taste its food seems weird to me. But one of these days I'll bite the bullet. Hope you have a fabulous time!


So would be there for you and trust you would pick something I would love!


if I was in london right now I would be there in a flash for that pig's cheek! Enjoy!


Pig' Cheek? I honestly did not know you could eat that.

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