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June 29, 2006



Brilliant Cathy. I felt like I was there. Nice you could meet the lovely Keiko.


Very brilliant indeed. What a delight to be able to cross "Go to Paris for dinner" off your list.


Yes! Let's do ... I've got my bags packed already. What a lovely little journey, Cath. If I ever go to Paris I will surely remember this post!


You had me LOL at the bit about Steven Seagal - who knew?


lovely post, day's jaunt or not, I'm totally envious ;)


Do you have more time in London? If you love beef (and it looks like you do), go to Smith's of Smithfields (SOS). Smithfield Market is the meat market in London's East End, and SOS is right across the street from it. The restaurant is actually 3 restaurants: a great pub-like restaurant on the bottom, then 2 more expensive restaurants on the top 2 floors (they get more expensive the higher you go). I am a huge beef snob (usually only eat Argentine beef, etc), and I was blown away here. Enjoy!


Oh my yes let's do dinner in Paris!
That was perfectly lovely, thank you so much.


I think we are all in agreement -- let's go!

Barbara, you are so sweet.

Jaspreet -- now, if I can get Hubby to go have dinner in Paris again, that'd be lovely.

Ivonne -- when you go, I know it's going to be a completely fascinating trip!

Geneve -- the worse part was, there was a homeless man sitting in front of the poster so we had to explain that we were laughing at Steven Seagal, not him.

J - How can you ever go wrong with Paris?

Tiffany - I completely missed Smith's but I think it's on the list for our next trip.

Tanna - pack! Let's go!

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