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June 04, 2006



Those wails you hear are coming from moi as I express my extreme envy. London AND Wimbledon ... it's too much.

You'd better have the best time of your lives and write all about it. It's the only way I can let this pass ...

Unforunately, having never been to London I don't have any recommendations.


Hi Cath,
When I was last in London I was back-packing and didn't have the funds for any culinary splurges but when I go back I really want to try Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen. I've heard great things...
I hope that you have the best time!!!


Well, this is a very basic suggestion, but you must make sure that you partake of the traditional Wimbledon strawberries and cream. The strawberries are usually from Kent, and don't look that hot, as they are quite a pale red, but they are deceptively sweet and juicy.

Also try Wagamama. There are stacks of them in London, they're very popular (queues out the door), and I love it there. There's one in Wimbledon near the tube station, so that could prove convenient for you...


Ivonne, I promise! I promise I'll have the best time of our lives! :-) Anything you want me to bring back for you?

Geneve, thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely put that on the list. Makes sense to try one Jamie Oliver restaurant!

Helen, thank you so much for the recommendations! I'm such a strawberry fiend I can't wait to try the Wimbledon ones. And we'll put Wagamama on the list. Thanks!


This is not so much a restaraunt recommendation as an area recommendation. I would check out South Hall. It is like a "Little India" and there is yummy, cheap food around every corner there.


I was living in London for half of last year. Alas, I was living on the cheap, so I never went to any upscale places. I did often lunch at a wonderful little Thai cafe just outside of the British Museum - I believe it was called The Garden Cafe and on Museum Street.


Jaspreet -- beautiful. Can't tell you how much I LOVE Indian food, 'specially in the U.K.!

Becca, I'll look for it. The wallet isn't going to sustain upscale for the whole trip. Cheap and yummy is on the list, too! Thanks for the tip.


you must must must check out borough market, right near London bridge and a short walk along the river from the tate modern. friday lunchtime is the best time to go to the market and hopefully it will be sunny! everyone will be out and the vibe will be amazing. surrounding the market are small food related stores; you must go to the monmouth cafe or monmouth coffee co. for amazing coffee and you can just sit and watch everyone and everything.

the tea palace in notting hill is also very cute; more upscale but very tastefully done. not the cheapest but you could have afternoon tea there. it's on a lovely street with many beautiful boutiques and is also close to portobello road market. tom's deli is another cute little cafe w/gourmet food store downstairs close by. another place is Ottolenghi.

primrose hill (north london) is also an adorable area with a few pubs and cafes. there's a giant park close could always do the pincic thing. and then there's hampstead heath and kenwood house. another perfect place for a picnic if you wanted to go down that route. check out the english heritage website for more details on kenwood house. they also have outdoor concerts in the summer. all very civilized :)

books for cooks, also notting hill is an amazing book store with a cafe at the back. they have a website.

Moro at Exmouth market is meant to be amazing.

if you can be bothered to track down Gourmet from March 2005...the entire issue is dedicated to all things food and London.

Ok...i think thats it but feel free to pick my brains further.

i live in New York but grew up in London and visit pretty regularly. infact i'll be there the first week of July and am also hoping to go to wimbeldon!!


Suzie, thank you SO much for the advice! I'll drop you a line and take you up on your offer to pick your brain for further ideas!


I hope you have a wonderful time at Wimbledon. As a resident of the area, I can tell you that you will find plenty of enjoyable places to eat in the village. Slightly outside the area is a personal favourite - Enoteca - a fabulous italian restaurant in Putney (opposite the cinema) which is a short cab ride away. Other than that I would suggest that you get Harden's restaurant guide. Good hunting.


Annabel, thank you so much for the recommendations! Can't wait to try; I'm so excited!

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