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July 14, 2006



I may never cook again - I'm going to be so busy reading all these new blogs. I've already read the reviews by Ivonne, Geneve, Béa, and you on Kitchen Sense. Now, you must keep my secret, I had to rush out and buy a copy. The publisher probably has the marketing win of the year getting your group to review this one as you did. I am enjoying reading it and hope to find some time to cook out of it.
Great round up!!!


Fantastic round up, Cath.

It looks like you had a great turnout. Thank you again for including me in this event and count me in for any future similar ones!


Thanks for asking me to participate Cath. Nice to see everyone elses choices. GReat round up.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Thanks for organizing this fun event Cath! I am glad I could participate! Great round up! Lots of yummie dishes.

Chubby Hubby

Thanks for including us in this. It really is a fun book and I'm thrilled that S will soon be making me meatloaf!


Next time, you do one of these, get me in on the action. I will definitely pick up a copy of the cookbook.


kiki...OMG. time suck, time suck, look away. look away! must haaaave liiiiife...


Thanks so much for organizing this! It was great :)



Thanks again for inviting me to participate and for organizing this fun event! I love looking through the posts and seeing what recipes people chose. Everything looks so good!

Lizelle Green

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see this action - vblog perhaps?


This is a great idea. These dishes sound awesome. Seems like a very good cookbook.

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