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October 17, 2006



i don't mind eating chicken pot pie once in a while too :)
isn't always true that the food we eat now reflects what we ate while we're young? my son likes mac and cheese while i rather eat chicken noodle soup!


That sounds yummy. I have only had store bought pot pie at a friend's place. It is not something that speaks to me or calls loudly to my taste buds.


i *just* saw ina making her version on barefoot contessa. i haven't had chicken pot pie in MANY years...but her recipe looked amazing. i'm going to be making this myself soon :)


I made chicken pot pie for the first time last year using the recipe from Cook's Illustrated, much similar to this. I used a smoked chicken, though, which really added, at least according to the people here for dinner that night who are still slightly moaning about it ... lovely post, all around! AK


This sounds amazingly yummy! Chicken pot pie was not something familiar to me growing up. We had chicken empanada, and also "chicken pastel" (which was a lot like the pot pie I think). Your recipe sounds fantastic! I love food in pastries and crusts! :)


Oh I love a good pot pie, but like you, I want REAL pot pie, not biscuit-topped mush. I prefer a crumbly pastry crust, so I'm delighted that you have shared this recipe. Guess what we're having for a meal at our house this week?


I must confess to a certain fondness for those freezer-section pot pies...

I have to (when the rare mood takes me) make them myself these days...can't find too many made with fake meat!


Every time I see that you've posted, my face just lights up! I love reading your writing.

Like you, I tasted my first pot pie in my 20s. Let's just say it was not something that would have ever appeared on our table amongst the pasta, bread and tomatoes.

Interestingly enough, I too am familiar with the Joy of Cooking recipe. Your variation is wonderful.

And now I want pot pie ...



I love chicken pot pie. I make it when I'm tired. This is how I make it, and I never have complaints -- and it's REALLY FAST. I also can't be bothered to dice anything except potatoes

1 can low sodium cream of mushroom soup
Shredded meat of 4 boiled chicken thighs (I hate white meat. No skin)
1 bag frozen peeled baby onions
1 bag mixed frozen carrots & peas
about 5 yukon gold potatoes, peeled and boiled and diced
I dump everything together, mix it up, salt and pepper to taste, then I make some Bisquick topping and pour it over the top. It's very good. Although Jacques Pepin says you can also place some frozen puff pastry on top and that's great too

Your sister


I love this story. I have a similar one about a guy I dated in school who thought that all good spaghetti tasted like Chef Boyardee.



It's good to have you back. I missed your wonderful way with words.


Eliza, oh a good bowl of chicken noodle always makes me happy!

Jaspreet -- trust me, my first chicken pot pie experience was horrifying.

Tami, drop me a note and let me know how Ina's recipe is! I saw Martha's version on TV a while ago but didn't really feel compelled to try it...

Alanna, smoked chicken sounds extraodinary!!

Joey, yeah I'm with you on pastries and crusts...

Karlanee -- how was dinner?!

Stephanie: come on babe, you make great vegetarian meals -- how about a vegetarian pot pie?

Ivonne, let me know when you're coming and I'll be sure to make a pot pie for you.

Kelly dear God, are we related? What you described sounds exactly like the abomination I ate in my twenties!

Jasmine - oh yes. Chef Boyardee. The dark college...oh yes... are so sweet. Thank you.


Great photo!

And I use the Joy of Cooking recipe as well. It is consistently tasty. It's also a big comfort food for me, being a Southern girl :)

I love your site, by the way. And Congratulations :)



Have you considered brushing the bottom with some sort of lubricant like egg whites or butter so it creates a waterproof barrier between it and the filling?


My mother always brushed her pie crusts with butter to seal them. I often use an olive oil spray that has no flavor. It works well on any liquid center. jcs

My daughter made us all Betty Crocker recipe tonight and it was really excellent. It adds onions to the mixture when you make the roux.

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