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October 29, 2006



Sounds delicious!

Is the prepared pastry dough puff, or pie crust, or what?


If your friend's new home fronts a golf course, it's going to be a Twilight Zone moment ... the house where I learned to "really" appreciate food sold not long ago. Maybe?


Those tarts look just lovely... what a good friend you are!


You are QUITE the wonderful friend! I'm sorry that I missed Julie's fabulous soiree, but it sounded like it was terrific! And I loved the "Beaker squealing" description...fabulous!


ok, this is jules, and while the description is TOTALLY accurate, i take issue with comparing me to beaker from the muppets! (ok, not really - actually i think it is hilarious!) As if we didn't already know this, Cath is just an incredible, waaaay too-good-to-be-true friend, and i am beyond blessed by our 13 year friendship!! i can't wait for many more memories, laughs, and crazy beaker moments!! LOVE YOU!


Becca -- super easy! These were prepared pie crust dough.

Alanna --no golf course so no Twilight Zone moments! It's in Richardson, Texas? Drop me a note when you can and tell me more about learning to really appreciate food -- sounds intriguing...

S'kat -- friendship goes both ways and Jules is one of the best; this was just pure pleasure...

Tanya you didn't come! Where were you?! We need to get together soon. Oh and Beaker...well, you've seen her. Ask her to tell you about the hospital experience...

Jules Jules Jules my was SUCH a great weekend from beginning to end. And you noticed we had the requisite hilarity ensue even when we weren't looking for it? Love you right back!


I really like the idea of the tarts. They sound so easy and look the part too. Perfect for easy entertaining! Thanks for sharing.

zerrin - misss

It looks very delicious ..

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