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February 09, 2007


Kevin at TasteTV

I kept reading your description, saying "Wow, where's the recipe, where's the recipe, where's the recipe?"
Voila, there it was


Kevin - let me know your thoughts when you try it. I absolutely LOVED this dish!


I too made this recipe as soon as I read the article, and had faith that since it was Heidi's it would be good. Boy was I pleased. Although, it did taste healthy (mainly because of the whole wheat pasta) it was still a very tasty and satisfying healthy. I also substituted whole wheat fettucini and thought the pesto with the walnuts married perfectly with the swiss chard I used.


Wow. This sounds delicious! Even if it does call for whole wheat pasta (I'm a snob and find myself worried that whole wheat pasta will be too strong tasting and too tough in texture - too granola-like.)

We usually make our own lasagne - half semolina and half unbleached all-purpose flour. I wonder if throwing in a little buckwheat into the pasta might work for this dish.


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