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June 25, 2007



Nope, you can't top Wimbledon for tea or tennis. Thanks for a wonderful post that brought back memories of favourite and not so favourite teas. I agree, Paris changes one but England is where you go when you need to be "home".


Reasons why you're my friend:

You quote one of my five favorite books of all-time, Alice in Wonderland.

You quote Buffy.

You're as nuts about tea as I am.

Kisses to the munchkin...

Tea Party Girl

I am completely jealous of your extensive travels and tea experiences, decent or not! Thanks for the narrative~

Yes, I just received Tracy's book on Friday and poured through it last night.


I love your vignettes--though I do hope you make it to the Huntington at some point.

You are so right about the healing nature of tea, I think. It soothes, elegantly.


Ahh, you made me remember a trip to Devon and Cornwall. For about 10 days we practically lived on cream tea, and each was more delicious than the other. Scones hot out of the oven in an open-air-café just before we descended into a stately garden with gigantic fern trees where you expected a T Rex to pop around the corner any minute. Cream tea in numerous National Trust cafés in stately homes and gardens (mostly gardens. We saw zillions of them!). Cream tea on our way home, near Rottingdene, in the garden of a nursery (bought the most amazing fuchsia there), under a mulberry tree which would drop a fruit into your clotted cream every now and then. I wish I could go there NOW!


What a wonderful tale! It made me nostalgic for eating scones at your table.


what a great list of tea houses/shops! i got very excited when i recognized many of the names on there! i've even dined at 4 of them - kensington, mariage freres, gryphon, & harrod's. :-)


Oh, I'm jealous...what delightful tea experiences (mostly) and so well written. If you ever get to Benecia, CA (not far from San Francisco), do have tea at the Camillia Tea Room. Their full tea has three levels or sandwiches, scones, and sweets, a good selection of teas, and a nice, Victorian style tea room. My sister and I sit there for hours and they keep refilling the tea pot with properly hot water. Bliss.


A woman well traveled...Delighful post. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea to make the world better.


Mary -- oh yeah. Home is where the heart is and that heart is firmly entrenched in London.

Steph -- see, this is why I love you. You get me.

Tea Party Girl -- is that not the most exquisite book?!

Tea -- oh yes, it's superb, isn't it?!

Dinazad -- wow. You just made me feel right there with you at these teas!

Jaspreet -- come back to that table! We've got scones any time for you!

b&b -- maybe we crossed paths?! How cool is that?!

Oh Elle, thank you so much for sharing this place with me -- I'll have to go with my sister...

Tartlette -- and sharing the tea, too -- :-)

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