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January 13, 2008



Keller does seem big on hoop jumping but the end product has been worth it when I've gotten there.
I've been wondering what oddities might be over a year old in my freezer. I really fear looking.

Justin Marx

Foie gras is definitely OK frozen. A lot of what is available through wholesale channels is frozen anyway.

People have this funky stigma against frozen. Ironically, it's better to buy some stuff frozen than fresh because frozen stuff often is frozen at the processor level...or in the case of frozen-at-sea is done right on the boat. I'd much rather have a properly frozen steak than something that was just slacked out at the retail level...which happens ALL the time, especially at low-cost retailers.

When things are flash frozen, there tends to be no cellular damage. But, when it is frozen too slowly (like what would happen in your freezer if you put non-frozen stuff in there) or if it is not thawed properly (i.e. too fast, by, say, using warm water) then frozen is bad.


My new neighborbor brought me foie gras back from france in a rubber ringed sealed glass jar. We had it last night, and was delicious....he told me to save the fat and use to cook.......but cook what??


I'm not alone, it seems. I was clearing out the freezer to squeeze in Christmas leftovers. On the back of one of the shelves, foie gras, best before June '06. Oh dear.

It'll either be a delicious New Year's terrine or one week of sick leave due to food poisoning. We'll see.

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