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March 16, 2008



Cath I saw that documentary. I've also seen a more recent one based on Live at The Roxy Theatre. We were in Melbourne last year and it played late at night on TV. We searched Melbourne until we found the CD. We then played it non stop as we drove for 5 days up up to Brisbane. Bryan Wilson combined with a new younger, modern musicians - fantastic. My husband is a singer and does Darlin' from the album. Or the old songs are there but better.

Jen O'Connor

hi there -- referred to your BLOG by our mutual friend Jen G

great wiritng and great topics I will be back...

and I have a killer guinness cholate cake recipe...just google
"chocolate stout cake" it's the one from Bon Apetite Sept 2004

a sister-in-law serves it in ehr tea room to dedicated followers and guiness fans galore.



Barbara, oh I got the entire CD for Live at the Roxy -- I mean, for all the shock of seeing and hearing him, I still love the man's music. In fact, I'm listening to his version of "Don't Worry Baby" from Live at the Roxy now...

Jen, thanks for coming by and dropping me a note! This is Jen G from CVP yes? :-)

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