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March 18, 2008



Maybe you could make the Saffron Chicken for my LiveSTRONG Day event. It's yellow.


Ooooh! BRILLIANT idea, Barbara! I was wondering wha to make for that....Check out Barbara's fabulous event at:


Daring, very daring. Bravo. Me, (let's add the Fox five interview sentiment) myself, personally, I woulda done the corned beef and cabbage. The stew sounds delicious though.


I used to make Chocolate Guinness cakes all the time, but for some reason, I've put them on hold. Thought about them again last week, but wound up with a beef and Guinness stew...and a hunk of Guinness Cheddar. I think I may try my hand at Guinness ice cream at some point...


We've not yet been lucky enough to make it to Ireland! For St. Paddy's we made "bangers" and colcannon - mashed potatoes and kale combined with a mixture of cream, onions, dill, and nutmeg. Delicious, fairly healthy, and good way to get veggies into those who normally turn up their noses at "green things". I'm eating it for lunch today, actually - it holds up well for leftovers.
I love reading your blog, Cath! I'm certainly no expert, as you are, but I love cooking and reading about food. You're a wonderful cook, clearly, and also a wonderful writer about food.


Donald, thank you! The stew really is wonderful. Even Pug wolfed it down.

Jasmine, seriously the Guinness ice cream is really stupendous. The cake though. Sigh.

Laura, you are very sweet - I'm not an expert but an enthusiastic amateur; and I love reading about peoples' experiences with food too! Thanks so much for your kind words. Oh and I love bangers (or was it champ?)...You can't go wrong with that much butter and potato.

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