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March 05, 2008



"In the beginning, said H., they carried on those midnight conversations, talking about books and life and music and dreams." .....sounds all too familiar.


Wow-- what an adventure. I too hope that He will feel differently some day.

Slightly Bitchy

Your site is user friendly and looks nice; your pictures are lovely, the recipes are good... but your writing is, um, difficult. REALLY flowery. Did anyone ever tell you that too much of a good thing makes a good thing tedious? Sorry. I know that any serious writer would want honest criticism.


G - I should introduce you to H. soon.

Jaspreet -- remember over brunch we were talking about how time eventually heals all wounds?

S.B. - Thank you for the critique; I really do appreciate it and I'll try not to let the purple pen run away with me so frequently. :-)


Actually I love your writing Cath. I guess it takes all types to make a world. H should focus on the good times and move on. The next love is ALWAYS better than the last love.


I agree with Barbara. I really like your writing. Food contains so much more than ingredients that we eat. Writing about food should have some flowers :)


Barbara, Jaspreet: :-) Love you guys. Thanks.

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