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April 01, 2008



I loved the book and the movie. I saw the film in an old playhouse in Baltimore. It felt like I was on a magical journey and I cried a lot. One thing I also appreciated were the little moments of humor in the film that did not come out as much in the book.


I love saffron risotto. Any risotto for that matter. I use saffron so much that I actually bought a decorative tin with an ounce of the petals.

I won't tell you how much that cost, but let's just say, I coulda financed it. :-)


Thank you for this wonderful post.

I agree completely; I loved the book and the movie, but the movie affected me much more intensely. It is visually and emotionally so stunning and raw.

And, I also enjoy saffron rice. My favourite comes from Alford & Duguid's wonderful book "Seductions of Rice" called golden rice (with optional shrimp). Not a risotto, so less stirring, and no parmesean so the flavour of the saffron is more distinct I think.

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