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November 12, 2008


The TriniGourmet

I couldnt help chuckling about your friend. Im currently trying to get my newly epicurious boyfriend to understand the nature of balance in taste and ingredients. he still wants to throw everything into a pot :D lol Those scones look yum. Have bookmarked ur recipe to try :)


You know you youre a good person -- or a complete sucker -- when you voluntarily ingest everything-but-the-kitchen-sink culinary creations to preserve your relationships. Oy.


I like scones very much. I was looking for the recipe of scones.
Your post served my purpose

Thanks for posting.

Anne @ Pink Galoshes

Thank you so much for posting this delicious and easy to make recipe for scones. I have been trying to perfect my recipe for years, but this is just perfect. My blueberry jam never tasted better!

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