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March 14, 2009



Oh my the trouble we can have and get into baking cake!
Loved Red Velvet Cake and yours look so good.


I've never had red velvet cake. Re the vinegar there could be an explanation in the Amazon cake made with out eggs or butter but using cocoa and vinegar.


I will give you the Amy's Bread recipe for Red Velvet cake. works like a charm


I've never personally tried this recipe, but I cannot imagine it would fail:


That is incredibly impressive. You have won the gold medal of cooking olympics.


Tanna, it was actually terrific tasting; but still...shudder.

Barbara, oh fantastic. Thank you!

Tatiana, thank you for passing on that recipe; I'll try it one day when red velvet cake doesn't make me hyperventilate.

Jaspreet, no seriously I think I deserve a straight jacket. I should KNOW better.

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