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March 07, 2009



Wow, I have no idea! How cool that he'll work for chocolate....but....he gave you NO ideas on preferences??

Oh, and so far as comparative value, I'd say chocolate's got a little on the dollar, esp. these days.


I think a combo of home made truffles made with the best quality chocolate you can get for eating now and some quality commercial for eating later..


Ha... Ki, this is like the time I designed an advertisement for a bar caterer and I was paid with six bottles of Brunello. I would have been paid $750-1250 for it. The six bottles probably ran around $250-600 (they got alcohol at cost).


Now that's a great question, I don't think I can imagine the answer. Oh that's funny and fun.


Amanda, no clue. Still no clue!

Barbara - that's the route I'm likely taking.

Hani - and you almost left them at Mike's and Eileen's. I wish you'd almost left them at my house.

Tanna, come on! Help me out here! Guesses?

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