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April 23, 2009


Becke (Columbus Foodie)

Loved seeing what everyone else made. :) Thanks for all the work you did in putting all this together!


Everything looks so great!! Wonderful round-up Cath! How badly do I want to pull the book back out and start on some brunch!?

Gesine Bullock-Prado

Beautiful round-up and posts! Thanks for the invite!


So fun! I can't wait to get the book! Headed to check out Stephanie's now!


Thanks for lettign me participate! It was awesome and I loved the book!


YES! I need to get cracking and try more of the recipes in the book! Can't wait for you to get out to SF Cath. Thanks for the great round-up, LOVED seeing what everyone else made!

chef barbie

this was so much fun, thanks for asking me to join in!


Everything looks wonderful, Cath!

Thanks so much for the opportunity!


Wow! Everything looks and sounds soooo good! I have to wonder though, what would it do to my waistline?!


Thanks so much for this! It was a great event :)



Cant wait to get the book. More food in your repertoire is always good ;-)

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