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March 31, 2009



I am so impressed with your gardening efforts. You may enjoy the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.


You know what we get that is seasonal right now in Connecticut?



There is left over winter squash. I think...

I hear you Cath. There are times when I too wish that I live in CA. Like right now when I'm craving fresh veggies.


Your garden sounds wonderful. I have a very big pot on the balcony which I think I'll plant an olive tree in.


;) I just put out my basil plant! I'm blown away by the fact that you have such great raised bed for your garden. That's a dream.
Seasonal is tricky or very tricky depending on where we live.
Looking forward to all your growing things.


Jaspreet, thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into it.

Okay Mary, I won't be so morose. It CAN be worse!

Barbara, pictures please when you do! Olive trees are beautiful....

Tanna, after realizing I have this amazing garden ready for planting, I just couldn't find excuses NOT to plant!

Sharon Stockwell

You have put me in the mood. I have started the beds and am going for some plants tomorrow. We are in Santa Barbara so the time is right. Thanks for the inspiration. We love your site. best, s

Helen - Tartelette

I am not very far, in SC, and I often wonder if we "only" grow corn, watermelon and tomatoes. Always the same. I actually joined a CSA here and have been wondering why the farmers' market is not as diverse as my box. Re-grocery store: I was shocked to see local strawberries right next to California strawberries. That's the wrong way to push local growers into being more mainstream.
On the other hand, Georgia peaches cannot be equalled :)


Tell me about it! I live in Minneapolis, for crying out loud! :-) Thanks for a great post. I'm hungry for late-Spring!

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