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January 20, 2011




I am so sorry for the terrible time you've been going through over the course of the past year. I hope that 2011 brings you comfort and happiness. Even with the sad subject matter, I'm always glad to see that you've posted. I hope that soon your writing will creep back to you and find you. Until then, know that there are people--even people you've never met--who care about you and hope you will feel more like yourself in the coming weeks.


Amazing post Cath. You had me in tears. I recently had a dream where my mom came to visit me, and as you predicted, I woke up in tears. Yet I still wish she'd come visit me every night. :(


Really beautiful and moving. I am thinking of you!


So beautiful! Makes me want to go and eat fried chicken wings with my dad too while I still can...thanks

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