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March 23, 2005


Cindy Huebert

I ran across your blog while looking for an online source for Brown Cow Yogurt. Isn't it great? It's the only kind we like. Most yogurt either makes me gag -I'm not sure why- or tastes like slimy pudding.

By the way, ice crystals don' t hurt yogurt. Think "frozen yogurt."

Also, freezing actually preserves things, which I'm sure you know. The only bad effect of freezing is that it will change the texture: frozen yogurt when thawed will be grainy instead of smooth. Otherwise the yogurt will be fine.

Sometimes this happens in my fridge. Then I just use the yogurt in cooking--say, in a cheese sauce. It works great.

I would have been more concerned about the three-day-old yogurt that had been in hubby's lunch under who-knows-what conditions.


Cindy, it's the best -- we're addicted. I stock up at our local organic grocery store now. Raspberry and vanilla Brown Cow. Oh the three-day old yogurt had just been in the fridge; it hadn't been any where near Hubby. I always throw away whatever Hubby doesn't eat during the day -- I know he's not as finicky as refrigeration as me. :-)

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