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October 23, 2005




I don't care too much for souffles...seems like such a lot of effort for something so...fluffy; but Asiagor and Chevre tempts me...yum!

Looks wonderful!


What a great post. I too, shy away from making "real" souffles. My assumption is that it way too complex and I'm sure it will absolutely fall.

I have made a mousse that's called Frozen Daiquiri souffle. It never goes near the oven (or the freezer for that matter) but has a collar around the souffle dish and when served stands a good 2 inches higher than the sides. It is delicious, but not really a souffle.

Yours is really beautiful.


I'm always so impressed by cooks who make souffles -- I remember my mom making some when I was growing up, and I've always wanted to try, but I'm afraid that it will fall and then I'll be stuck with something awful for dinner. But I think it's time to hold my nose and dive in. Do you know of any good entree souffles that have proven themselves? I want to start out with something that I know has worked for other non-professional chefs.


Ruth, I'd love to have that recipe!

Georgia, honestly, I think this recipe is a pretty good start. It produces a nice and fluffy soufflé; the trick is not to overbeat the egg whites or fold them in too well. From what I understand, soufflés are meant to fall so it's okay, but even if they do, this one tastes pretty good! Good luck -- feel free to email me at ablithepalateATgmailDOTcom if you have any questions!


Thanks for the advice -- maybe I'll try it this weekend. =)

Kitchen Chick

Very pretty! Such a delicate color. I just love the idea of twice-baked souffles allowing one to make them in advance. I have generally made only dessert souffles because I didn't have to coordinate them with other dishes, but the twice-baked souffle makes it easy to coordinate with a multi-course meal.

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