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November 13, 2005



Hi Cathy,
These have to be the best looking biscotti I have ever seen! As I am a sucker for everything containing pistachios, I'm thinking of doing a little "christmas adjustment" with typical spices... Btw, these cookies seem to have different names in the States and in Europe, while you call them Biscotti, you can find them here labeled Cantucci or Cantuccini :)


Gorgeous looking cantuccini!

An explanation: Biscotti is italian for cookies and Cantuccini is the italian name for the type of cookies you just made.

Like, I guess you could call an Oreo for a cookie but you would probably say Oreo so people now exactly what type of cookie you are talking about. Same with cantuccini.

Cath Hong-Praslick

Nicky, PE,

Thank you SO MUCH! I kept thinking the biscotti had to have another name as my sister had mentioned previously that biscotti meant "cookie." Thanks so much for explaining! Now to go update the name on the post. :-)


Are they actually easy to make? I've always been curious, but I've never had the guts to try. Maybe this Christmas is the time to try a new kind of cookie.

Barbara Greenberg

Dear Cathy,

I'd very much like to try your version of the chocolate pistachio biscotti - can you send me the recipe?

I've a great recipe for apricot almond cantuccini, which I make at least twice a month - however, I usually bake them only once, as I prefer these cookies to be less dry and crumbly, so that you don't actually have to dip them in coffee or wine to eat them. I know this is heresy, but they're wonderful - you might also try a single baking with your chocolate ones.

Let me know if you want the recipe for apricot almond cantuccini.


Cathy Hong-Praslick


These really were easy to make, I promise! I was always afraid of making 'em too, but the recipe is pretty straightforward. Let me know if you'd like me to send it to you.


I seriously debated baking a second time when they came out of the oven warm and soft initially; but I couldn't resist. I might make two batches next time, one single baked soft cookies, and the other one nice dip-in-your-coffee-crunchy Cantuccini. I sent you the recipe, let me know if you have any questions! And I'm lookign forward to your cantuccini recipe. :-)


I've been making a chocolate biscotti for Christmas for...ten years or so, and I love how easy they are.

But the pistachios? I agree. Why is it so hard to sell them shelled???!

I was doing a fair amount of drooling over that section of F&W, too...but I was most struck by that chestnut cake. I'm buying gold dust this weekend!


Cathy, those look gorgeous! I love how the green of the pistachio looks on the chocolately backdrop- looks lovely and I bet they taste grat too.

Cathy Hong-Praslick

Stephanie - oooh! That cake was next on my list! It looked unbelievable...can't wait to see your pictures and hear how it comes out. I really was surprised by how easy the Cantuccini were to make...lots of people getting 'em for Christmas this year...

Hi Tanvi! The colors are the EXACT reason I couldn't resist making them! And they were devoured pretty quickly...


Cathy, I would love the recipe! Maybe they're the solution to the "what do I take to Thanksgiving at the in-laws."

Donna Brown

Drooool.... I so would love this recipe....Here I thought my white choc. ginger biscotti was good, this looks to be awesome~~!!

Thank-you so much

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