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December 02, 2005


Sarah Lou

I love gnocchi. I have made a pesto gnocchi with pumpkin seeds and one with a rosé sauce, but never have I made gnocchi from sweet potatoes and the sauce looks so good! I must try this.


Hi Sarah Lou! I'd love your pesto gnocchi recipe -- would you mind sharing? You can send it to my email address (just click on my name). I really was surprised by how good the sweet potato gnocchi came out -- enjoy!


hi cath, that looks so good and comforting...how i long for a plate right now! i've never had much luck making gnocchi but your gorgeous efforts have inspired me to give it another go sometime soon...


Hi J...I think the color came out beautifully -- but honestly, when I saw what a gnocchi is supposed to look like, I laughed at my lack of handiwork. On the other hand, they actually tasted like gnocchi; unlike my and Greg's horrifying mashed potato pill episode.


Don't worry, your gnocchi looks great. The purpose of the ridges is to catch sauce, a problem with potato gnocchi where the sauce slides right off. Sweet potato gnocchi is softer, hence the problems making the ridges, but also the needlessness of the process. Most kinds of gnocchi don't have any kind of ridges (or much shape at all!) -- semolina, ricotta, Parisian -- there are probably as many types of gnocchi as there are villages in Italy. Except for the little potato pill type you had the misfortune to experience (too much flour!), they are all delicious....


I tried this recipe and loved it. I had to knead in quite a bit of extra flour, but the gnocchi turned out perfect. I actually just made some pesto for it and it tasted great. Thanks for sharing this.

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