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April 29, 2006



I, too, love San Francisco and get melancholy at the end of every visit there. I suppose I combat that feeling with the knowledge that living there would mean never owning a house larger than a bathroom. That doesn't mean I don't fantasize about one day living in the City by the Bay.

Looking forward to reading up on all of your SF eats!


Matt and I can't wait to take a trip back to the Bay...I hate myself for not appreciating the area more while I lived there.

These days, it's the only place...besides Ireleand...I want to be!


Anne, I think I have that same fantasy -- everytime I visit SF, I think about where I'd live if I lived there...

Stephanie -- when I lived there, I felt like I was on borrowed time. Next time, I just need to make sure it's permanent.


Cath, you've heard me say it before... if I had all the money in the world, I'd live in San Francisco. Unfortunately, living in San Francisco takes all the money in the world... :-(


Stephen, raise a fund and send me back out to SF, please.

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