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May 22, 2006



I love that little addition of basil to your tuiles- unexpected but a perfect flavor pairing with lemon.

Gabriella True

Are you kidding me!! That looks ridiculously delicious. I just had supper and now I am insanely hungry. DROOL.

Oh and I really loved your musings on your herbs. Sounds perfect to me. My thyme shrivelled and died but my rosemary is close to becoming three bushes.


Looks and sounds delicious! Does the basil change a lot in taste because of the baking?


Tanvi -- I just love lemon and basil together!

Gabriella -- the rosemary bushes are pretty hearty, aren't they? This was really yummy. We sort of wolfed it down quickly - -the parfait was frozen and the tuile was nice and crisp -- like having an ice cream cup!

Linda, the basil didn't change a lot -- mostly, it was the crunch of the tuile with an occasional taste of basil.


Perchance would we be able to hire the services of the crazy man with the scope and the BB gun? The birds and rodents in our neck of the woods are far too insolent and think they own everything in the garden. Someone must make them pay!


I will check with the crazy man. Have you been attacked by a bunny yet? It's fun.


What beautiful presence this dessert has! I may have to borrow this recipe when I entertain my fellow "foodie" friends - I'm always trying to impress them.
Your garden sounds so lovely - I long for one of my own - my little balcony just doesn't get enough direct sunlight...
For now I'll have to rely on the Santa Monica Farmer's market for my herbs and such - Wednesdays are my favorite ;)!


Geneve -- oh Wednesdays were my favorites too when I lived there! Let me know if you have any questions about the recipe!


This looks so good! I love basil in desserts. And while I've never worked with pâte à bombe, now I want to riff off it terribly. Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely photography.


Has anyone seen the Wallace and Gromit movie? Your garden seems like it could have been part of the vegetable competition. If you have not seen it, just pretend that I said something cool and clever in place of that question.

Also, do you think that your herbs can tell which is your favorite? Maybe there is some sibling rivalry going on.


Very cool and refreshing dessert... and would certainly hit the spot in this unbearable heat that we're experiencing in the islands. I liked reading about the crazy woman and the crazy man. ;-) Now I don't feel too bad about threatening the surinam cherry tree if it should ever decide to stop bearing fruit!

On a different note, you haven't had cherries in 26 years??!!! Wow!!

Gabriella True

Yes, I agree, I love a crisp cookie with ice cream. I guess that is why the ice cream cone has been so popular for so long. I need to research the history of the ice cream cone at some point.


Hi Danielle! Yes, I've seen and I LOVE the movie. I wish the garden would be have as fruitful as some of the gardens in the movie -- right now it's more like a little jungle! Hard to say which I love more...lemon or basil. :-)

Rowena, I think the humidity here is what drove me to a frozen dessert! Yeah, I haven't eaten cherries in 26 years. My husband is horrified. I'll try this year. I promise.

Gabriella -- when you find out, let me know about the cones, won't you?


'Bookmarked your tuile recipe right away - they look so perfectly shaped, I have to try them! Since I already discovered my love for basil desserts (like basil-lime sorbet), I'm pretty positive, that I will love them!

mindy toomay

This looks like a perfect dessert and I agree the basil is a wonderful addition. Lemon thyme would also work nicely, yes?



That's the most delightful looking dessert I've seen in a long time.

Thanks for sharing.


Nicky, let me know when you try it! I love lemon-basil combinations!

Mindy -- I haven't tried lemon thyme but I think that sounds fabulous! I'll put that together for the next time.

Ruth, thanks!

Ken Sloan

Those little cups are wonderful! I've never really seen anything like that before :)

Dave Kaufman

Hello there -- this looks like a lovely recipe -- I'm curious though about your original version, where the basil is mixed into the mousse -- could you enlighten me as to how much basil, how you recommend processing it, and when it gets added?

Do you think it would be too much basil to serve the lemon-basil mousse in a basil tuile cup? I'm trying to make this in a couple of days time, so if you have a chance to respond i'd be grateful!!


Is this recipe for 4 servings??? I'm making it for this weekend dinner party..Help,thank you. It is a wow!! dessert. I still have fresh basil. Want to try it.


Hi Nancy not sure if you got my email but this recipe made six moderate sized portions. I'm pretty sure you can also make four big servings! :-)


These have to be one of the cutest most delicious things I have seen in a while. I love lemon parfaits and this has just a beautiful touch.. Can't wait to try it for a dinner party. Kudos.

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