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June 15, 2007


Jennifer Jeffrey

I love this idea, and I love your Torta della Nonna story... makes my mind fly back to my Italian story...


I love your story and recollections. Food is all about sharing and passing on memories of people. The women in our lives sure had a way of marking our food genetic profile!
If you need one more blogger to help you out making a dish , do not hesitate to contact me.


What a post, Cath!

I too briefly considered making this torta but Lucia's Walnut Cake caught my eye.

Your experience with Sarah and your reasons for sharing the cake with her are indeed bittersweet. It's amazing the memories and emotions that a book can bring to the surface!

Well done and thank you so much for including me in this experience!


A wonderful Post Cath.


Nice post Cath. It reminds me of my ex-girlfriend's mother. She is Jewish and me being a half Cuban goy just didn't cut it. I did learn some fantastic Jewish recipes though!


What a post! It is a good idea to include a story with the recipe. It reminds us that cooking is not just "baking" things but mainly experiencing, living, enjoying and sharing with others. The torta seems delicious.


Great post! I can't wait to participate in the blog event. The recipes from this book on both Cream Puffs and a Blithe Palate look so good.


Wow. What a beautiful, nostalgic, thought-provoking post. Thank you.

Faith Heller Willinger

I'm honored to be part of such an interesting blog--so much better than reviews. It took me so long to write this book--and find a publisher who whould do the right thing with my sister's watercolors. So I'm thrilled by the positive (so far) reactions. Grazie mille and a thousand thanks.


Great idea and beautiful post. I love the concept of sharing our food stories. Perhaps if we can encourage people to connect their experiences and emotions with their palate, our society will develop more of a healthy attitude toward food, coming together over food and the sources of the food products and the recipes. In short, let's keep up the good work of putting meaning back into meals. Oh, and that Torta della Nonna looks so inviting. Thank you.

Jessica Paroli

I recently spent three weeks in Panzano this last summer where my fiance proposed over a picnic in an olive vineyard. We fell in love with Dario and his mustardo mediterrania. Do you have the recipe or anything similar?


Jennifer -- see what happens when you comment? The crazy blogger on the other side rounds you up! Thanks again for joining in on the fun --

Tartlette -- you too! Thank you so much for your wonderful post.

Ivonne -- well you inspired me with that description of cream puffs in Venice!

Barbara -- thank you dear!

Stephen -- it's interesting to look back on ex relationships and how one is perceived by the ex's parent(s), isn't it?

Noémie -- the torta really is delicious...but also bittersweet for me now. It's linked to Sarah...

Sherri -- you were so great to lead us off!

eddybles -- oh that is so sweet -- thank you!

Faith -- your book is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and for sharing the adventures of your life with us!

Jeni -- I don't know that I could have said anything more eloquent. Thank you so much for sharing such powerful thoughts.

Jessica -- I've lent the book to a friend but I don't remember seeing that recipe -- let me see if I can track it down and get back to you. But honestly -- the book is worth having even if that recipe's not in there -- there are so many terrific meals in there!

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