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July 29, 2007



We checked out airports for him to try flying again. Enjoyed our dinner on the hotel balcony overlooking a wide Texas field. Simple but perfect for married & best friends for over 40 years who still have lots to talk about.
Thanks for a wonderful round up. I really enjoyed participating in this one! Thanks for inviting me.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Thanks for organizing this, Cathy! It's fun to read everyone's posts.


Thanks so much for asking me to participate. I had a blast (and so did Weedhopper and Wife of Weedhopper).


Thanks for hosting this Cath and asking me to be a part of it. I've read all the stories and enjoyed all the wonderful memories.



What a great event you and Yvonne hosted! I only wish I had seen it earlier and had had the time to participate. Both of you did wonderful jobs hosting and recapping. Thanks so much - everything looks delicious...and with a wonderful story to match :)

- tami


What a turnout indeed, Cath! Thanks again for sharing this book with me!


Tanna -- I'm looking forward to what you've just described...40 years -- how perfect...

Jennifer, thanks so much for partying with us! :-)

Breadchick! I'm so glad you all had a great time...we were so happy you shared your story with us!

Barbara -- your post still leaves me breathless. Thanks so much.

Tami -- oh man these things are so fun -- can you join next time?

Ivonne -- you are an incredible co-host and can't thank you enough...I'm not worthy! 'm not worthy!

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