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October 25, 2007



They sound exactly like something we have here in Germany (originally from Vienna, Austria I think) called Vanillekipferl, but they are shaped like a moon. They are traditionally made for Christmas. In our family we start making them in mid-late November and then (if we can wait) they are put into a tin box until Christmas. The wait is tormenting, but the cookies taste fantastic after they have had some time to stand and let their flavors infuse. hmmmmm......

Wonderful post!


Kiki - YUMM. Ok now you know I'll have to make some of these. But I'll use B as an excuse, right.



Those were always my favorite cookies that my mom made! How nice to see them again. I think this is a sign that I will have to make them for Christmas.


Kimberly - I'd love to see a picture of Vanillekipferl -- the moon shape sounds so romantic!

Dee - you make these, Troy'll be on your case to make them forever. I swear.

J -- oh yes, yes make them! That way I can share this affliction with other people!


Uh, Ki, you forgot to mention that Souris, as I recall, failed to actually MENTION to me that Kaly had sent her a tin full of cookies... I accidentally 'discovered' them while at her house on a sisterly visit!


Oh praise be, I already have that cookbook! and now I have Kaly's recipe also. Have to try both right!?!
You make a really fun addicted cookie monster!


These sound positively decadent!

I love the pictures.


I'm planning on making some of these soon. THey sound delicious Cath.


I made these for a cookie exchange and you are right--they're incredibly addictive! I'm glad I counted them out before I ate them all!


These are my all time favorite cookies! My mom always made these for Christmas growning up and so this year, I made some as well. I think I made them too big but everyone disagreed and said that they were perfect size - you only had to eat a few of them instead of twenty small little balls! ;o


My dear friend in Florida has been trying to break the ice with a professor that she's smitten with. I do believe these little nuggets will do the trick!

arla amara

i love these cookies and want to mail them to family, but they seem too fragile. has anyone mailed them successfully?

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