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December 05, 2007



Sounds as if Puggle is on track to being a food lover. My boys always liked meal times and would try anything. They appreciate all types of cuisines. My sisters children were fussy eaters and now as young adults have limited palates.


Well goodness Cath where to go with this one.
I can understand how you feel about fixing all his food, I would feel guilty too. I'd be feeling guilty because there is only just so much a person can do.
Umm . . . and I really think you just must give this idea up on your friends prune cake until you try it. Just try it then you'll have a free conscience when Puggle doesn't want to try whatever.
My baby food story: When I worked back to back evening to day shifts, if there was an empty bed I would just stay in the hospital and then it was baby bananas & peanut butter on white bread for breakfast! Lovely. Can't say that I crave it any now.


I am glad to hear that Puggles is learning to love food as much as his parents.

Monique in Texas

Don't dismiss the prunes... Pureed prunes or raisins are wonderful in cake--they impart a moistness to the texture and a rich depth to the taste, especially spice cakes. Prune puree can be used like applesauce in place of some of the fat or oil in a cake, making the end product healthier and moister. Really! It's not as bad as it sounds!! (Though the recipe above seems to have a lot of oil in it. Not sure about that one...)


I went through the same thing with Alex. I bought all sorts of 'make your own vegetarian baby food!' books, and I was certain I'd have cute little containers filled with organic, home-made purees and what-not for him.

But no matter my good intentions (and perhaps fantasy of motherhood), it was Earth's Best and Gerber organics for him, too!

We stuck with the fruits and vegetables; there wasn't much in the 'meals' sections he could eat. And now? The boy still devours his fruits and veggies, he's tall, healthy (most of the time!), strong and smart.

Yes, it would have been nice to have been the one making all those foods for him, but not doing it meant I could spend more time with him. That's what's important.


Oh, and there is NO way I'd make the prune cake. I'm with you: the very thought makes me a bit ill...


hey there, i enjoyed reading this post..coz in a month's time i will be introducing to my little one the world of gourmet..ehehe i mean i will be starting to feed her with puréed veggies and still breastfeeding her at the so excited for her..i know its gonna be headache for me coz they say its not at all easy feeding babies.;but im really excited thanks for sharing this :-)


I am not repulsed by prunes and have no objections to making the cake, but tell me, what sort of pan should one use? And do you grease and flour it, or just grease it?

Perhaps one could use lekvar (prune butter) instead of the baby food?

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