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September 02, 2010



Baked mac and cheese? I have a few pictures like that.


Um....I don't know, but please don't ever make it for me. I love you and all...but just please don't.


@Megan -- I thought so at first but couldn't see anything that resembled pasta...
@Dee -- you hush and eat what I put in front of you.

Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen

Scalloped potatoes that were baked too long?
I confess, I have the same problem...maybe need intervention:)


Every Wednesday I do "What Was it Wednesday?" for the foodies photos languishing in my folder, I am currently up to January 2009!


reeeeaalllyy lumpy cold scrambled eggs


@all -- I think we're all in agreement that whatever it was, it looks pretty gross. I'll see your ewww and raise you a bleah.


Hmmm. Would you have ever made a beef 'shepherd's pie' or something similar? It looks somewhat like baked mashed potatoes on top of some sort of gravy-ish filling that bubbled up. That's my guess. I had to laugh though because I know just what you mean. I actually have a couple thousand pictures in my photobucket account and sometimes go through there and get a real WTH feeling!? :) this made me smile though, so thanks for that!


Oh, you probably ate it, right after you took its picture. Looks like some sort of potato dish. Gratin, scalloped? I've done the same thing. Look in my picture file and wonder what the heck something is. Let alone what ingredients I threw in.


@Holly - That was my sister's guess too, but if it was my shepherd's pie, the mashed potatoes would have been piped on over a bed of minced lamb meat -- and this looks just whitish yellow all the way through.
@Claudia - A potato gratin dish seems to be the leading contender; I'm pretty sure that's burnt cream on the sides. But the potatos look all wrong; my gratins are normally potato slices and this just looks like mashed potatoes...


a strange pie dough with mashed potatoes?


Cobbler fo sure!

Denise Michaels - Adventurous Foodie

A little bit burnt-ish around the edges. Looks like a gratin of some kind. Potatoes would be my first guess.

Quay Po Cooks

roasted mashed potatoes??

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